A motion picture in development for national distribution that tells the dramatic, true story of Alice Lloyd, a 40 year old journalist from Boston who travels to Appalachia in 1916 and starts a small mountain school that is saved on national television in 1955.

It is November, 1916, and Alice is told by her doctors she is dying. She is offered a chance to move to a warmer climate, to an abandined mission home in Knott County, Kentucky. In February, a 55 year old, sick, humpbacked mountain man named Abisha Johnson has a dream that this “...ferren womin” can teach his children to read. Barefoot, he travels over two mountains in a snowstorm and collapses through her cabin door and begs her to move to Caney Creek.

This is an incredible story of heart, passion, loyalty and friendship. It is the cinematic story of Appalachia, one of the most mysterious, magical and mystical places in America.

“Caney Creek: The Legend of Alice Lloyd” climaxes in 1955 when, although faced with bankruptcy and the end of her life, she journeys to California and appears on the NBC broadcast of Ralph Edwards “This Is Your Life” television program.

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See Alice Lloyd's historic appearance on Ralph Edwards NBC broadcast of, "This Is Your Life" back in 1955. This clip is taken from Michael Johnathon's original documentary film "Miracle On Caney Creek".